Trending Now: The Mechanic Jumpsuit

Fashion trends pop up monthly, so I take my willingness to invest seriously. For example, in the '80s overalls were all the rage, and I tried tirelessly to get them to work for me, but my slightly large bust held me back. Fast forward to 2019, and the mechanic-style jumpsuit is saturating the fashion sites. For me to commit, the same standard applies: would I be able to pull it off with my silhouette, and, could I get out of it quickly enough to use the ladies' room?

Frame makes a dark khaki jumpsuit that can be dressed up or down

Roll the cuffs, add boots and great chandelier earrings and you’ve got yourself an outfit for a concert, evening out, sunset???

What’s great about this style of jumpsuit is that there is no defining waist, unless of course, you belt it. A straight silhouette goes a long way. Also, who doesn’t love big pockets? Thank you mechanics!

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 6.32.39 PM.png

Straight lines and big pockets

Two features of Rachel Comey’s mechanic jumpsuit that stand out.

Rachel Comey is one of my favorite designers, so I trust her vision for a new fashion. She mixes different fabrics with her jumpsuits to open up the possibilities of where and when you can wear a jumpsuit.

A crepe fabric brings this look into evening

The Envoy Jumpsuit has a soft fabric that smoothly works for a dinner out cocktails with friends but, can be an all-day work outfit as well.

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