The Father-of-the-Bride Has Something to Say

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One final bit of advice from the father of the bride

His list included foundational tips.

For nearly 34 years, my husband and I have been married, and when planning his speech for our daughter’s wedding, he felt qualified to give a few pointers to the bride and groom. Here is the list:

1. Give each other space to do things that you like to do individually.
2. Don’t abuse the space that’s been given to you - you’ll know when you have.
3. Carve out time for each other - we are up to 2-3 date nights per week!
4. Listen to each other even when you don’t want to. This leads to #5.
5. Don’t go to bed mad (pay attention to #4)!
6. You are marrying your best friend, so fight for each other and respect each other. Remember the two of you come first - before friends, your job and, even your kids. Remember it all started with you!
— Don Van Hiel, Father of the Bride