Seeing the (Purple) Light

There is nothing like the glow of light that eminates from a purple vessel. Be it a hurricane by William Yeoward, or a Glassybaby votive, the light is soothing and yellows and oranges from the fire really shows through.


My purple candles, hurricanes, and such have been lovingly collected over the years. I actually didn’t think they qualified as a collection until I took this picture. One of the inspirations to continue with this theme was a gift from my sister, Julie, of a Glassybaby. Her son went to college in Washington state, home of founder Lee Rhodes, a cancer survivor. Glassybabys are found everywhere in Seattle, including the airport. Rhodes started her company to support the basic needs of patients going through cancer treatment. She donates a sizeable amount of every purchase to support her vision. It’s not hard to jump on board with these meaningful gifts: the candles come in so many exotic colors, the packaging is “gift-giving ready” and the lives it touches as a rusult cannot be calculated.

designmary van hieldesign, style