More Products That Pique My Interest

I am always looking for new products that will make my makeup routine easier, or lift my spirits. Today, I have three that you must try. The first is my favorite mascara, Realist by Hourglass. It is sold in two parts: the wand that is reusable and the mascara itself (seen on the left). To apply, you touch the metal wand to the underside of your eyelash and wiggle it forward to the end of the lash. Clumping issues are never a problem with this mascara and the refills last forever. The body lotion by Byredo is also in my daily routine. When I get out of the shower I mix of couple of pumps of the Byredo Blanche Body Lotion with a few pumps of Lubriderm and I have the perfect combination of soothing lotion and a fresh secent that lasts all day. I also use it on my hands right before putting on my jewelry. It’s usually all the scent I need for the day. Finally, I usually want a little glow for the day but don’t want to overdue it. This highlingting palette by NARS is the perfect product to do just that. I swipe my bursh over all three and appy to cheekbones and a dab on my forhead and nose. Away you go smelling great and looking alive.

mary van hielstyle, Love